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Our Ministry

You will know that they are my disciples by the way that they love one another...

The cornerstone of our organization is a passion for walking alongside others in order to impact foundational change. 1 Thessalonians 5:14 tells us to admonish the unruly, encourage the fainthearted, help the weak, be patient with everyone. This is our model in Biblical Counseling and discipleship in our community.

Grace Matters believes that helping those who are struggling in essential needs as well as who are biblically deficient are at risk for not engaging fully in the robust, vibrant life that Christ came to bring.

Provision of staples and other essential needs by way of kind connections in community partnerships is one of the core supports we are able to provide for the families and individuals we are walking alongside. Each of our counselors is equipped and has a deep desire to see the individuals we walk alongside grow in their identity, created in the image of God, and have a deep personal saving relationship with our loving Father.

Partners & Connections

in the Field

Through the work of counseling and advocating for many single parents who are coming out of domestic oppressive relationships, Grace Matters began to gain a clear understanding of how prevalent the abandonment of fatherless boys is.  Grace Matters is proud to be a part of the Church Champion team at Evergreen Bible Church in Vancouver, Washington.  A Church Champion team helps to coordinate single mothers with fatherless boys with a mentor father in the Father’s in the Field organization.  Fathers in the Field mentors encourage the spirit of boys to rekindle who have been abandoned by their fathers, mentoring them one-on-one in life skills through outdoor activities, and by sharing a Christian understanding of our Heavenly Father’s love and sacrifice for his children.

Hunger for

Hunger for Success has been instrumental in encouraging many of those Grace Matters’ clients who have zero work experience or skills to help better understand their strengths and abilities in the workforce.  Hunger for Success’s mission is to promote and provide access to a college education, to administer professional development training, and to assist with job placement for persons who have low or no income.  We have seen the powerful, tangible, encouraging work of this organization working with women who have come out of domestic oppression relationships, young adults coming out of abusive systems, and those with special needs acquire family-wage jobs.

US Digital

Grace Matters is thrilled and so very grateful to be housed in the US Digital Outreach building.  US Digital Outreach exists through the generous provision of US Digital Inc. to offset ministry overhead through the provision of facility, utilities, and services. This allows faith-based ministries to better focus on its mission and purposes God has for them. It is our hope that other businesses would consider how they can impact their community and beyond.

Truth in Love Biblical Counseling

Grace Matters’ relationship with Truth In Love Biblical Counseling Center (TILBCC) is a partnership in encouraging and equipping future and active Biblical Counselors. TILBCC’s mission is to make practical, systematic, and historically consistent Bible training and education available and affordable to every-day believers to equip the saints for the ministry to which God has called each of them. We are also here to serve the church by providing resources for Biblical, Christ-centered education that many churches and ministries would like to but are unable to deliver. (“formerly known as Vancouver Bible Institue” )

Assoc. for Biblical Counseling

Because of the specialized calling of the International Association of Biblical Counselors, we desire to allow for freedom of convictions on other doctrinal matters, provided that any interpretation is based on the Bible alone and that no such interpretation shall become an issue which hinders the ministry of biblical counseling to which God has called us.

Institute for Christian Conciliation

The mission of ICC Peace is to boldly proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ by supporting peacemaking communities in resolving legal and personal conflicts and reconciling relationships in a biblically faithful manner.

Your Generous Support is Changing Our Community

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