CBC10 – Sexual Brokenness


April 13 @ 6:30 pm PDT
June 29 @ 6:30 pm PDT

CBC10 – Sexual Brokenness
Tuesday Evenings, 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm
Begins April 13, 2021  |  Ends June 29, 2021


This course is part of the equipping for more advanced levels of Biblical counseling — whether individual, family, group, or church counseling is being done. The twelve lessons describe in detail the Biblical paradigm for healthy human sexuality and expression and address the most common deviations from that norm the students are likely to face, as well as others that are considered as outside the norm.

  • Application for addressing sexual brokenness in the lives of those we encounter in most areas of pastoral ministry: from professional, to paraprofessional, to lay person.
  • Underlying emphasis is on developing strategies and applying Scriptural principles to bring transformation change and bring sustained healing to the broken.

Course Objectives

  • To equip the student to identify sexual brokenness in the lives of their counselees and to be able to discover the cause(s) of that brokenness.
  • To equip the student to do the work of counseling those impacted by sexual brokenness from a scriptural standpoint and to do so effectively.
  • To equip the student to train others to do the work of counseling in the arena.
  • To introduce the student to differing theories about human sexuality within the helping community – both within and without the Church –and how to evaluate those theories from a Biblical paradigm.
  • To equip the student to apply properly interpreted Scripture to whichever area(s) of sexual brokenness are encountered in the counseling relationship and to effect Biblical change.
  • To provide the student with the opportunity during the course to identify their own need for Biblical change in this area.
  • To provide the student information on and access to secondary resources that are available to help in the specific arena of sexual brokenness.
  • To model a method of evaluating the progress of counselees and the effectiveness of the counseling relationship.
  • To demonstrate how a Biblical paradigm and authentically Christ-centered approach to addressing sexual brokenness and how this impacts the individual, the family, the church, the community, and –eventually –the nation.

Quote from the professor: “I am going to take your ‘blush’ away so perhaps you can be the one person in the Church who will allow someone with the deepest kind of brokenness find the grace and truth of Christ.”

Course Outline
    Session One: Introduction; Human Sexuality: Biological & Social
    Session Two: Biblical Model of Human Sexuality and Counseling
    Session Three: Sexuality and Abuse
    Session Four: Promiscuity and Infidelity
    Session Five: Sexual Addiction & Unusual Practices
    Session Six
Pornography “Addiction”
    Session SevenSame-Sex Attraction, Male / Same-Sex Attraction, Female
    Session EightVideo Presentation: “Such Were Some of You”
    Session NineTransgenderism & Gender Disorientation
    Session Ten: Aberrant Sexual Interests & Practices
    Session Eleven: Issues in Counseling Sexual Matters / Personal After-Care
    Session Twelve: The Church’s Response & Responsibility

Download the syllabus here