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Hannah experiences joy and excitement is in providing a safe space for people to learn and grow. The most gratifying part of Hannah’s relationships with counselees (children especially) is watching them learn while gaining a calming sense of confidence, capability, and competency.

Hannah loves challenging her counselees and letting them go gradually so they can take steps on their own. One attribute Hannah loves about our Heavenly Father is that he is a gently challenging leader who asks tough questions probing into the deepest parts of us, making us feel incredibly known yet unabashedly loved and challenged. God does not coddle us, but he never abandons us. Hannah treasures the sweet space between where he holds us responsible yet gives us his hand. She is passionate about emulating this kind of leadership.

Some quirky things about Hannah: cooking is her love language and deeply meaningful to her. In fact, Hannah has been known to cry or laugh when she tastes delicious food! Hannah also writes poetry and guitar melodies, has a huge interest in history, loves words and expanding her vocabulary, and studying Greek and Latin. She comes from a large family and is the second oldest of nine siblings. 

One of Hannah’s favorite scriptures is Isaiah 40 because it speaks so eloquently of God’s tender care and comfort, his majesty, power, and authority in such a deeply piercing way that one cannot help but connect with the wonder and gratitude of our Father, realizing that we are known and loved as His children.

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