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Kevin J.N. Hughes always wondered why it seemed like no matter how hard he tried he couldn’t make the changes in his life that he was so desperate to see. That was until some wonderful fellow Christians helped him to find his identity in Jesus Christ and His Church, and he found that through the power of the cross he could finally make the changes that he longed for. Ever since then, Kevin has had a passion for sharing the principles and teachings that have helped to transform his own life, and use the Scriptures to help other people make amazing transformations.

Kevin received his degree at Liberty University, and has done additional training for counseling through CCEF, he also was an assistant pastor for three years and has run a YouTube channel on apologetics, counseling, and theology since 2016, through which he has been blessed to interview some truly amazing people and share some materials and resources that have been described by people all over the world as “life-changing.” His approach to taking complex theological concepts and making them simple and life-changing for the every-day believer in Jesus Christ has set his YouTube channel and ministry apart.

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