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Your Generous Support is Changing
Our Community

Grace Matters Ministries operates on the generous donations of its supporters, including counselees and others who believe in our mission. 100% of donations go back into the ministry. 

A pledge of a $70.00 per session is encouraged. Those who are able to give above this amount help bless others who otherwise would not receive the care and support that Grace Matters provides.

If you are not in need of counseling, but desire to help provide hope, healing, and change in the lives of others, please donate online or scroll down for more options.

  1. FUND FOR SURVIVORS AND WIDOWS - As a ministry who comes alongside the very wounded and broken through all forms of abuse, trauma, and loss, we often find opportunities in need for those we are walking alongside coming out of chaotic and life-threatening systems.  As such, we’ve created a fund that specifically goes to meet these needs.  Tangible access to immediate safe shelter, food, clothing, transportation, legal help are all opportunities that frequent our doorways as we walk alongside the marginalized and terrorized.  If you would like to directly give to this fund clicking here will get you there.  Ten percent of all funds that come through Grace Matters are automatically placed into this Grace for Survivors of Trauma and Abuse fund. 


Grace Matters is a 501 (c)(3) Nonprofit. Our EIN is 81-22404. All donations are tax-deductible and donors receive an annual tax letter documenting contributions.

Send Check

P.O. Box 5281
Vancouver, WA 98686


Over the Phone

(360) 320-6409

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