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The Basics of Biblical Counseling & Intentional Discipleship

General Information

Through enriching classes, you can grow in the knowledge and skill of discipleship, what we call "intentional one-anothering." 

  • Classes are open to ANYONE and may be taken à la cart in any order.

  • Study guides will be distributed in PDF.

  • All classes will be held in person at the US Digital Outreach Center in Vancouver, WA

Grace Matters Certification
In order to earn a Grace Matters Basics of Biblical Counseling Certificate, you must complete all classes listed below and 30 hours of counselor practicum. The Certificate allows you to continue on to the Grace Matters Conciliator Discipleship Program.

  • Foundations of Biblical Counseling

  • Dynamics of Biblical Change

  • Hermeneutics

  • Church History

  • Worldview, Humanity & Sin

  • Unbound

Class Fees

We strive to make the cost of our courses affordable in offering higher college-level education at reasonable rates.  We never want cost to get in the way of deepening one’s understanding of their beliefs, or be utilized by God in the specific ways he has designed you as a helper.  If cost is a challenge, please reach out to our director, so that we can work out a plan to help get you equipped to do the work that God is inviting you to. If you can afford to pay more, this helps support our ministry and allows for others to receive the training they need.

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