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What is it?

“Words cannot describe the tremendous healing and growth I’ve experienced through Grace Matters. I’ve received other Christian counseling in the past, but it failed to teach the beauty and scope of renewing one’s mind in a wholly biblical way. As followers of Jesus, we do our part, but He is the one who changes our hearts and lives from the inside out. Healing and lasting change is possible.”


We are not just counselors who are Christians—we are biblical counselors. The methods and strategies of our counseling ministry are all based on the Bible, its categories, and how the truths in God’s Word apply to the problems of mankind. The purpose of this ministry is to bring healing to the Christian as well as the non-Christian community by means of properly interpreted and applied Biblical truth. The goal is life transformation, not simply behavioral modification.​

There is a profound difference in content and results between counseling based in God’s Word and secular therapy approaches. We offer authentic and effective Biblical Counseling that provides permanent solutions to people’s problems and helps them develop a robust relationship with Jesus Christ.


Growing in spiritual maturity is a key ingredient of Grace Matters' counseling approach.

Grace Matters provides a safe and loving environment, and we are committed to providing help and hope through professional and paraprofessional Christ-centered, Bible-based counseling, and encouragement. The goal is for those who utilize this ministry to achieve true and lasting freedom from the bondage of the hurts and behaviors that prevent living the full and healthy life God has always intended.

We believe that God is not only willing to heal, but that He wants to heal the whole person: body, mind, and spirit. We also believe that only God and His Word can bring this healing to people’s lives.

Your Generous Support is Changing Our Community

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