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Counseling FAQs

We have had the privilege to walk alongside many people in our years of discipleship and ministry.  Scroll down for answers to several FAQs.

“In the two years that I have worked with a Grace Matters counselor, I appreciated her ability to be direct, consistently patient, and insightful. This has been one of the most God-honoring empowering relationships I have had in my entire life.”


Why do you have a Biblical counseling ministry?

We know there are many people who are seeking help and encouragement to face life’s difficulties and challenges. There are some who have sought help elsewhere and been disappointed with the results. We believe God provides answers and solutions through His Word and His people. When we understand life and its struggles from God’s perspective and then live that out ever more fully, we experience life in the healthy abundance Jesus came to give us. Some churches are not staffed or prepared to provide Biblical counseling so we are here to step into the gap where that is the case. We believe wholly in John 10:10.


What counseling methods do you use?

Our counselors use the Bible as the primary source for counseling. As there are many secondary details of life and relationships that the Bible does not cover, we also use other reliable, Biblically-based principles, strategies, and tools to support and encourage clients as they develop new skills and explore options for dealing with problems. We do not use what is often termed as “secular” modalities. Grace Matters is non-integrationist:  We do not integrate psychology and the Bible. We never use methods that contradict Biblical principles.

What types of counseling do you provide?

We provide individual, pre-marriage, marriage, family, and group counseling. Some of the issues may include depression, anxiety, divorce, grief, issues of worth, communication, anger, stress, family and relationship problems, sexual and relational brokenness, health issues, vocational problems, burnout, spiritual and ministry issues. God has also given us a specific ministry for counseling those who are survivors of all forms of abuse, neglect, domestic oppression, long term or short term trauma, poor family foundations.

How confidential is your counseling?

Privacy is a crucial element of the counseling relationship. Information shared is maintained as completely private and not shared with anyone else without consent or as required. Confidentiality carries with it legal technicalities that slightly differ from privacy. While there are some limitations to confidentiality by law, confidentiality belongs to the counselee, not the counselor. Privacy, on the other hand, respects and protects information shared unless to share that information is deemed Biblically mandated by Scripture or by the law of the land.

What are your fees?

We are committed to providing affordable Biblical Counseling as best we can. We ask for a donation of $60.00. If someone is able to donate more, that helps those who are financially unable to do so. We do not turn people away because they are unable to donate the recommended amount. We are well aware of the difficulties people face and will work to make our services available to all who seek counseling. We are able to take many forms of payment. Cash and check have the least amount of fees associated with them so that is our preferred method of payment.  Some churches assist their members with the counseling fees and we are happy to work with you and your church. We are unable to accept insurance.

How long does a counseling session last?

Unlike most counseling situations, we are not limited to a one-hour block (that, in reality, becomes 50-minutes) each time we meet with someone. This is not our livelihood, so we have greater freedom and flexibility. We always plan on about 90-minutes, but it will depend on what is needed at the time of the session.

Where do you meet with clients?

Most of our meetings are done via Zoom or other web-based meeting spaces.  There are times where meeting via Zoom is not possible for clients we work with and accommodate those needs as we are able to do so.

Will I ever be referred to somewhere else?

Occasionally there may be cases when it is in the best interest of the counselee to refer them to another counselor or other source of help. Referrals will be made to competent individuals whose approach we are comfortable with. We will walk you through the transition as needed, so you never have to feel abandoned or discarded.

How do I make an appointment?

Request Care

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