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Sheryle has always been service-oriented and came into counseling in a roundabout way. She was first a registered nurse for 20 years and was pursuing becoming a medical doctor. But then life circumstances caused a series of major changes, including chronic health issues. In 2014, when she sought wisdom from a Christian counselor, she was struck with how life-changing biblically-based counseling could be and immediately sought training and set up her own office. After seeing God working in so many people's lives, she knew she was doing exactly what she should be doing in her life. 


Wanting to help people even more and also have a stronger biblical foundation, she sought further education and graduated with a Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling from The Master's University in 2021. She experiences joy in bringing hope into the lives of people, especially girls and women of all ages, and finds that in counseling others, God works not only in the life of the person in front of her, but in her own life.


She is a former adjunct professor of biblical counseling at Reformation Evangelical Seminary (formerly Reformation Bible Institute). 


Sheryle is married to Kevin, a counselor and former pastor. They are both bibliophiles and love to watch and analyze movies and series. Their young adult twin daughters live with them and bring them joy. One dog and two cats round out the family. Sheryle also enjoys playing the piano and singing, as well as writing and listening to music of all kinds.

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